Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters

Australian permaculture ecovillage, wildlife sanctuary set in Queensland

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About this Speaker

Crystal Waters Eco Village is set on 640 acres of bushland in South East Queensland, Australia, and is home to approximately 250 people, including many children, teenagers, and adults returning, having grown up in the village.

It includes 83 privately-owned residential lots, common land areas, cooperatively owned commercial properties and an Ecopark accommodation area, all of which were designed in concept in the mid-80s along with permaculture principles.

The Village is classified ‘Land for Wildlife’ and is seen as a beautiful Australian Wildlife Sanctuary. It's home to a wide variety of local flora and fauna including numerous kangaroos and wallabies, as well as many types of birds and reptiles. 


There is a commercial sourdough bakery, a cafe, commercial kitchen and facilities, bush fire brigade, monthly market and many other businesses and opportunities for education, social interaction and social enterprise.

Robin Clayfield is a Permaculture Pioneer and international educator, group facilitator, ceremony guide and ‘best-selling’ author specialising in Social Permaculture, creative, interactive facilitation, teacher training and group leadership. She has lived and breathed Permaculture, Deep Ecology and social change for over 38 years and has lived at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage in Queensland, Australia for 33 years since buying into the plan in the mid-80s. Robin guides tours and EcoVillage Experience Days’ in her garden and in and around the village, runs workshops and Permaculture courses at venues in the village and is currently Chairperson of the Crystal Waters Community Cooperative and leads on the Coop's 'Landuse Planning and Design group'.

Morag Gamble

Morag Gamble is a global permaculture and ecovillage ambassador, teacher of permaculture teachers on 6 continents, homeschooler, permayouth mentor & perma-humanitarian. Crystal Waters has been her home for more than two decades. Morag is director of the Permaculture Education Institute, CEO of Ethos Foundation - a permaculture education charity, leader of the creator of Our Permaculture Life Youtube and blog, and host of Sense-Making in a Changing World podcast. She has taught around the world in ecovillage and permaculture centres and places like Schumacher College. She is also a member of Re-Alliance, Regenerative Songlines Australia, Regeneration Melbourne and Permaculture 4 Refugees.

Maia Raymond

Maia Raymond is the 14-year-old co-founder of the Global Permayouth and a passionate advocate for permaculture and regenerative design. She is a certified permaculture designer (which she received in Uganda 2 years ago), host of the Warm Data Teens, member of the ReGEN program and a member of the first Fritjof Capra Youth cohort studying the Systems View of Life. She has grown up in Crystal Waters Ecovillage, Australia, surrounded by permaculture and has supported her mum, Morag Gamble’s teaching since she was a child. Together they have travelled to many countries to teach permaculture. Maia also loves music, poetry and considers herself a part-time philosopher.