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Jennifer Trujillo Obando

Jennifer Trujillo Obando

Colombian GEN President

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Day 4: Cultural Change - Welcome!

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About this Speaker

Consultant in organizational planning and networking, skilled in hosting the transformation of social movements towards participatory-leadership based organizations and experimented advisor of rural-community based organizations | Art of Hosting Stewardess and Senior Trainer | Co-founder of the Impact Hub Bogotá | Co-founder of the Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America| Facilitator of participatory processes and non-violent communication towards the implementation of social innovation initiatives and social entrepreneurship in multicultural contexts | Mechatronic Engineer of the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente involved in the construction of Waste to Energy facilities and virtual education | Extensive experience in ICTs implementation, virtual team management and virtual membership engagement | Alumnus of AIESEC | Change Agent of the Warriors Without Weapons Programme of the ELOS Institute in Brazil | Expedition Member of the Clean Energy Voyage: Antarctica International Treaty 2009 with Antarctica 2041 Ltd.

Primary interests: Social (Health & Healing, Lifelong Education, Diversity & Cohesion, Trust & Communication); Culture (Wisdom & Innovation); Integral Design (Contextualised Design); Ecology; Economy