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Pip Atkins

Pip Atkins

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About this Speaker

Pip has worked in the area of executive coaching and managing people for the last 35 years, in government, community based and private sector organisations at a global and local level. She was and is motivated by a desire to assist others to find their purpose and power in accomplishing worthwhile goals. She has recently changed the focus of her work from assisting individuals in the workplace to assisting groups in the community who are trying to achieve goals that improve our chances of surviving as a species on this planet and make life more enjoyable by being PROSOCIAL. She has worked as a coach on the Prosocial World course since coaches became integrated into the course delivery format. She coaches small groups from around the world and is so encouraged to be part of the grass roots movement that is Prosocial – a very powerful framework for groups to be effective in achieving their goals, based on science and the work of the eminent development team. Pip holds a Masters of Organisational Coaching and is living in an eco-village in Australia and uses Prosocial with community groups.