Sunshine Ecovillage

Sunshine Ecovillage

Chinese organization promoting the ecovillage movement

05 May 2021, 06:00 PM

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About this Speaker

Sunshine Ecovillage is an organization that promotes the ecovillage movement in China.

It is a partner of GEN and the UNESCO National Working Committee on ESD.

It is located at Xuling Village in a valley near Hangzhou with a terrace, mineral water and fresh air. It lives in a lifestyle searching the relations between man & Society & Nature. It tries to promote the transformation of the eco-civ of China by education.

Sunshine Ecovillage is the first one who brought GEN & EDE to China and has hold 6 EDEs in 5 years. After thousands of people have received training, hundreds of ecovillages are in the process. We have co-founded SEN Eco Academy with Prof. Cobb, an academician of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

The mission is to train ecovillage designers and eco-person, to call students from global to live & study in a rural area of China for 1+ year.

We explore a new lifestyle, a new way of education, a community formed by young Chinese people. The ideas of Taoism and environmental friendliness in Chinese traditional culture have been passed down in the countryside. We believe the ecovillage movement will not only optimize the balanced development of China’s urban & rural areas but more importantly, with acting locally and thinking globally, we will explore a path connected with traditional culture for the inspiration for global sustainable development.

We are living in this 1000+ years old village(Xuling) naturally pollution-free which takes 2 hours to drive from Hangzhou City. The forest coverage rate is 95%. In spring, the hundreds of terrace are fully covered by yellow canola flowers. The mountain is full of birds and flowers, fruit trees throughout the year.

People are following 4 seasons changing and accept the gift of nature. Some villagers are living in rammed earth houses for decades, breath fresh air, drink natural mountain mineral water, with good energy and strong spiritual vibrating, people live healthily and get healed here.