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A 2020 Hildur Jackson Award Winner and a 2019 finalist – the TI Ecovillage is a unique enclave originally on the outskirts of Bangalore, Karnataka, India started in 1995 as an experiment in eco-friendly development. It practices a modified version of permaculture to grow organic vegetables and herbs.

In 2019, its members have stabilized their permaculture practice and won over some skeptics, their groundwater regeneration program with rainwater harvesting got initiated with several recharge wells, they have had about 50% of their residents installed solar electric power and rapidly increasing and 100% of them continue to use solar hot water.

The land is at a higher ground level and through water conservation in the last 20+ years by planting trees, making trenches, and collecting surface runoff water during rains the ecovillage has improved groundwater benefiting neighboring areas well.