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Trudy Juriansz

Trudy Juriansz

Sri-Lankan Networking Director of GEN

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Day 6: Whole System Design - Welcome!

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About this Speaker

Trudy is a key contributor in bridging communities and organizations in Asia and Oceania, activating collaboration across borders and disciplines, and often being the catalyst for various projects and initiatives.

She is GEN's Networking Director, works actively in the operations team of the Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia (GENOA) and is in the leadership circle of GEN Australia.

Trudy is an accredited trainer in GEN, Gaia Education (Ecovillage Design Education), Analog Forestry (a design science for forest ecosystem restoration) and yoga, and holds a graduate degree in Sustainability Education.

In addition, she has studied, practiced and taught permaculture and deep ecology for many years. She has been the head of a democratic school in Thailand for migrants and refugees, managed a sustainability education center in Sri Lanka, and co-produced creative social change symposiums (with Ferment Collaborate).

Trudy is passionate about working with communities in transition to ecovillages and those facing climate change and continues to facilitate workshops across Asia and Oceania, for youth and women.

Originally from Sri Lanka, Trudy's family migrated to the Middle East and then Australia when she was young. Wanting to reconnect with her roots, she moved back to Asia 15 years ago and has lived in traditional villages and intentional communities in Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Primary interests: Social (Diversity & Cohesion, Trust & Communication, Health & Healing, Leadership & Governance); Culture (Wisdom & Innovation); Integral Design (Contextualised Design); Ecology (Ecosystem Restoration, Seeds, Food & Soil); Economy (Sharing & Collaboration)