Comunidade Rede As One Jaguariúna (Vila Yamaguishi)

Comunidade Rede As One Jaguariúna (Vila Yamaguishi)

Brazilian ecovillage and Producer of Organics

Themes covered by Comunidade Rede As One

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About this Speaker

The Community Network As One Jaguariúna, located at Yamaguishi Organic Farm, was created in 1988 by a group of friends based on a life of scientific research of the human being and society and has been experimenting/trying a "caring society" in which anyone can live comfortably, towards the realization of a world without disputes.

More than sixty varieties of vegetables, fruits, and legumes are grown in Yamaguishi Village, and more than 800 boxes of food are produced each week, which are delivered to customers at home, as well as being sold at fairs. The property's more than 30 hectares support, besides the employees, the 27 local residents, totaling approximately 50 to 60 people, who live exclusively from what is produced on the farm.