Cultural Change Panel: moving from oppression to regeneration | Day 4

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Laura Kaestele hosted the Cultural Change Panel with a diverse group of speakers from Cameroon, Southeast Asia and Mexico. In their rich conversation, they explored how we can learn about, reconnect and embody our diverse histories and specific cultures, how to recognize and strengthen as intergenerational and intercultural communities - both locally and globally.

They also shared stories and experiences of oppression, separation, or violence and the efforts of healing.

Finally, images and words emerged in the panel for what regenerative cultures look and feel like such as deep connection and care for the earth, alignment with nature, or sovereignty over food, seeds, water, land, community and our own lives as well as challenges and catalysts of cultural change.

Participants: Mindahi Crescencio Bastida Muñoz, director of the Original Caretakers Initiative at the Center for Earth Ethics; Joshua Konkankoh from Bafut Ecovillage; and Samantha Suppiah, Sustainability Strategist.

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